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    Spring has Sprung (somewhere)

    March has been colder and snowier than February here on Cape Cod. My first wedding of 2018 was back in January on the ice flows of Cape Cod Bay. One of my other favorite winter weddings was for this couple below, Miranda and Michael, some years ago now. In this photo by Julia Cumes there is snow on the tidal flats but you really can't tell. But Spring has sprung somewhere and the season will soon be upon us. If you are engaged and would like to talk with me give me a call or email. We can see if this soulful wedding interfaith minister is the right person to preside over your nuptials! In the meantime, enjoy being totally engaged!.


    Love: Lesson One

    I recently heard a story on NPR about how educators at Harvard are encouraging curriculum on Love Relationships. This is to be paired with sex education. Made sense to me. For isn't it true- what the world needs now is love sweet love. With social networking taking the place of face to face encounters we become wary of what may potentially be moments of awkwardness. Isn't that a huge fear, that we may become tongue tied or make a fool of ourselves. Guess what.... that vulnerability,

    is a big part of what love does. It builds strength and understanding. Being a fool for love is not for the faint-hearted or weak.  

    When I ask couples what they fell for in one another, the answer has never been insincerity. What is more alluring are those first fumbled attempts at conversation filled with the attraction charged silence. On a text the sweet squirming cannot be communicated. Here is my first lesson on love: AWKWARD IS OKAY infact it is QUITE ATTRACTIVE and AUTHENTIC.

    And yes, it can be a cornerstone of a loving relationship.

    Fear of intimacy paired with social anxiety, somehow we have become more comfortable talking about relationships and intimacy than actual connecting authentically. As the poet David Whyte says "The conversation isn't about the relationship, it IS the relationship." So let's become more daring and patient, as we open ourselves to true intimacy. Educate ourselves about the mystical working of the heart no matter how inexpert we are. Let's embrace a beginner's mind and explore bravely, learning the lessons of love, one awkward moment at a time.


    Another Bride, Another June, another gorgeous bride and groom!

    Looking back at Summer weddings this one at Kiwanee Camp in Hanson stole my heart! Every best wish and blessing for Amanda and Bremner Smith! (Thank you Paul Blackmore for these amazing photos.)


    Steamy, Serene and Surprisingly Beautiful September Weddings

    September has come and gone.We did our first ever wedding on Venus ( 107 in the shade of Sonoma)  to this Tender Truro wedding at Eagle's Nest overlooking Pamet Harbor. it was so busy and so fun. Then two nuptials at the Lighthouse Inn. One where a tropical storm pulled us into the cozy wooded interior of the Lighthouse Inn. September came in on a California heat wave and out at Ocean Edge with 58 degree cool evening breeze. Now onto October with its Bounty of Blessings theme


    Happy Father's Day- Please stand for the bride and her father