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    Happy New Year - Hello 2017

    Hello to all you happy couples who may have said yes to a proposal recently. Would love to hear from you and see what we can do now that you have mutually decided to say, "I do." 

    Such an exciting time. Savor every moment of being totally engaged. Do try and enjoy the process of picking your celebrant, your venue,... your day is yours so don't let it become a chore!

    Now for a few of favorites though each and every one of my couples are a favorite in their own way!

     When the officiant gets moved by the vows being shared you know they are "WOW VOWS!" Two teachers in love, Caitie and Justin, did not hold back as they vowed to each other at Chequessett Yacht and Beach Club in Wellfleet this past summer. Laughter and tears and lots and lots of love!

    Such a loving family wedding at Borsari Gallery in Dennis. The children were a dream and what a gorgeous happy couple!


    Soulfully Wed in Sonoma County 

    October has begun with a glorious Glen Ellen wedding. At this time of harvest the golden hills of Sonoma County are lined with ruby tinged rows of grape arbors heavy with fruit. What a time and place to wed. As the groom said when I asked, "Why now?"

     "This is my favorite season. It is such a crucial and colorful time of year."

    Crucial because the harvesting must be at precisely the right time for the grapes to make the best wine. When the sweetness and tannins have reached the perfect balance and before the next rains fall.

    Divine timing, when two people fall in love and decide to unite their lives in marriage. As they bring themselves into balance with one another, as well as blend two fine heritages into a sensational meritage. So it was with this wedding at Jack London State Park at the winery ruins. The stone work felt like a natural fortress as the call of the wild swept over us in the form of a feisty wind. That swirling breeze let us feel the presence of those who were absent.

    Here comes the bride: her natural beauty and elegance and her father's "unconditional love" and pride prompting applause. The shadows of the guests blessing this moment with such sweet support. My husband took this photo, there will be more to follow. I want to share this Sonoma Mountain High, that we are all still on, since Alli and Louis wed.



    "The Meaning of Marriage"

    "The meaning of marriage begins with the giving of our words." That quote from Wendell Berry expresses the essence of the rite of marriage. It is profound and simple. It needs no embellishment. It does need, like any rite of passage, the universal, as well as, the deeply personal. Vowing to remain faithful and true for all the days of your life is no small thing.The sincerity and commitment two people bring to this blessed ceremony is what will be remembered. This is not to say your wedding ceremony will be an entirely solemn affair; no, far from it. For with the sincerity comes elation and joy, all springing from the same deep well.  

    Jenn and Tim: Such a sweet and sincere couple speaking their truth to each other. (Whychmere Harbor Beach Club)

    Lacy and Jeff exchange vows at Chatham Bars Inn last August

     Tom and Amy's wedding at Borsari Gallery - Kelly Cronin Photography

    - Exuding Joy



    Soulful, Sophisticated and Fun- Weddings on Cape Cod

    Sweet simplicity of this 2016 season. It has been a quality over quantity summer of ceremonies.This June wedding at Borsari Gallery was so beautiful and fun. Great couple and loving family celebrating the power of love!



    June Weddings on Cape Cod

      "Another bride, another June, another sunny honeymoon, another reason another season for making whoopey."

    Most of you would not recgonize that song; it was old even when I was young but says it all, in a fairly gender biased way about love and marriage. But what the heck...June is all about bride and grooms and well, why not, it's about making whoopey.

    Anna and Seva whoop it up beneath the Linden Tree at Ocean Edge Resort as I read an ode to their love story.

      I have had some wonderful couples this June. Late Spring and early Summer has been so gorgeous on Cape Cod. I've had several weddings at Ocean Edge which is right around the corner from me here in Brewster. You can't get a better place for a cocktail hour than the Ocean Terrace with sweeping views of Cape Cod Bay. I don't have photos from this year yet but let's see what I can pull up from years gone by.


    Mike and Liz at Sunset over Cape Cod Bay. They wed at the Carriage House at Ocean Edge. Such a heartfelt beautiful couple!