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    June Weddings on Cape Cod

      "Another bride, another June, another sunny honeymoon, another reason another season for making whoopey."

    Most of you would not recgonize that song; it was old even when I was young but says it all, in a fairly gender biased way about love and marriage. But what the heck...June is all about bride and grooms and well, why not, it's about making whoopey.

    Anna and Seva whoop it up beneath the Linden Tree at Ocean Edge Resort as I read an ode to their love story.

      I have had some wonderful couples this June. Late Spring and early Summer has been so gorgeous on Cape Cod. I've had several weddings at Ocean Edge which is right around the corner from me here in Brewster. You can't get a better place for a cocktail hour than the Ocean Terrace with sweeping views of Cape Cod Bay. I don't have photos from this year yet but let's see what I can pull up from years gone by.


    Mike and Liz at Sunset over Cape Cod Bay. They wed at the Carriage House at Ocean Edge. Such a heartfelt beautiful couple!