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    Another bride, another June, another sunny honeymoon.....

    Yes, it tis the season for making whoopy! Had two weddings on May 21st out on Martha's Vineyard at the Edgartown Lighthouse. The Harbor view staff were wonderful letting me rock on their veranda between weddings. Also in April , Iveta and Jiri from the Czech Republic came all the way from their beautiful city of Prague to wed at Crosby Landing Beach in our humble town of Brewster.

     June will be wonderfully busy every weekend. Did a lovely smaller wedding at the Hedgebound Estate in Truro. The couple live in  Hobokan and work in the fashion and  landscape design biz in Manhatten  but their Midwestern roots grounded them in a sense of humor and obvious love of family and friends.

    Will get some pictures pulled up soon but wanted to say hello after a few months hiatus.



    Fusion / Destination Weddings

    This picture of Kat previously posted declares unequivically that traditions from a background (she was Irish/Italian; he was Jewish) different than your own can be a blast. What's not to like about being carried around in a chair by a bunch of handsome men? This picture was taken at the Chequessett Yacht Club boathouse reception of the wedding featured on my website. That wedding last September was coined the Bohemian Beach Wedding by the wedding planner plus Chad Michael Peters

    Make sure your fusion wedding doesn't devolve into confusion. I recently was asked to write a ceremony since I was already booked on the date of this wedding. The bride wanted to include cultural traditions from both sides of her family. In doing my research on this Armenian/Irish fusion ceremony,  I discovered that Handfasting was done at Beltane, May 1st, in pre-Christian Ireland. Couples were betrothed to one another for a trial marriage period of one year. If they decided to make a go of it for a lifetime they came back to the Beltane celebration the next year and 'tied the knot.' So when I explained about Handfasting to the bride and groom he sort of winked and said, " a trial marriage, hmmmm." The bride put the kabosh on that idea. They decided to use some gorgeous Irish blessings by John O'Donohue and let her Armenian grandmother take charge of the crown exchange and ribbons.)

     In Kate and William's wedding we saw the Anglican priest ( Archbishop)wrap the royal couples' hands in his stohl while he said a blessing. This probably evolved from this ancient tradition.

    What about that wedding! What a lift, sweet and beautiful; despite all the of pomp and circumstance it seemed so intimate and natural. Natural elegance, that is what it is all about.

    On Monday, April 25th, I had the privledge of presiding over a naturally elegant, secret beach wedding. The bride had always wanted a "secret wedding" and the groom had dreamed of being wed on a beach. They came all the way from river city of Prague in the Czech Republic to our bayside town of Brewster. The groom, Jiri, joked that they really wanted to keep the vows simple and suggested these three lines:

    "Do you?"

    " I do."

    "Me, too."

    They did go on to say more and so did I, deeming them a 'poem-worthy' duo. The sun peeked out as Iveta and Jiri made their promises. The only other guests were Jiri's friends from Boston who were thrilled to see how happy their Czech friend was to be marrying Iveta.  

    This lovely couple said Cape Cod, especially Brewster, surpassed all their expectations. I want to thank the Innkeepers at Brewster by the Sea, Brewster Town clerk's office and Mary's flowers in Orleans for their help in pulling off this destination/fusion wedding and keeping it from falling into confusion. I will post pictures when I get them, with the bride's consent, of course, since the secret is no secret anymore. 

    Stay happy!






    Fusion Weddings


    Beach Setting: Becoming mindful of the tides

    In this picture, at a wedding taking place at the Chequessett http://www.cycc.net/ Yacht Club Boathouse Beach, the bride is looking over her shoulder, as a bit of a rogue tide sweeps in. Unflappable, she shrugs her shoulders and announces to the crowd,

    " Oh well, I'm wasn't planning on ever wearing this dress again."