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    Soulful Wedding Ceremony: Mission Statement

     Elina and Yevgeny kiss beneath the wedding veil.                              Photo by Keith Berry

    Soulful Ceremonies Mission Statement

    Spreading truth, love, purity and beauty that is the mission of Soulful Wedding Ceremonies. By writing and presiding over ceremonies that remain true to the essential meaning of marriage.

    What is the essential meaning of marriage made manifest in a wedding ceremony? Let's start with 'pledging your troth' in more modern language- pledging your truth by giving your word to one another. Your promise and vow to be a faithful and loving spouse. My job is to remind you that this is what this day is all about and craft a ceremony that reflects this pure truth in a beautiful and loving way.

    The depth and sincerity of your love and devotion is the greatest wow factor any wedding ceremony can ever hope to have.