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    Spring has Sprung (somewhere)

    March has been colder and snowier than February here on Cape Cod. My first wedding of 2018 was back in January on the ice flows of Cape Cod Bay. One of my other favorite winter weddings was for this couple below, Miranda and Michael, some years ago now. In this photo by Julia Cumes there is snow on the tidal flats but you really can't tell. But Spring has sprung somewhere and the season will soon be upon us. If you are engaged and would like to talk with me give me a call or email. We can see if this soulful wedding interfaith minister is the right person to preside over your nuptials! In the meantime, enjoy being totally engaged!.


    This Interfaith Wedding Minister loves this 

      Daily practice reflection-

    One Spirit Learning Alliance 
    "... loving involves commitment. ... Love does not just happen. ... Love is a choice - ... a willingness to be present to others without pretense or guile ... a willingness to participate with others in the healing of a broken world and broken lives." 
                                                                        Carter Heywood


    At interfaith weddings, I am asked to say something about the breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony.


    Here is one of the interpretations.
     "The crushing of the glass from which the wine of celebration has been shared is a tradition of uncertian origin that suggests many things. Perhaps it suggests that the happiness of the bride and groom is not theirs alone but a part of the universal answer to the brokenness of the world."
                                 Wine of celebration enjoyed by bride, Sarah
      Another blessing wishes that the years of happiness for these two people shall be no less than it would take to fit all the resulting fragments together again."
     Sarah and Evan and their jumping for joy wedding party! September 2011
    Suggestions about meaning of the breaking of the glass are taken from wedding ceremony sample from The New Seminary Training manuel- 2000 -Rev. Diane Berke