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    This Cape Cod Wedding Celebrant reflects on 2015


    It has been a sweetly sincere ceremony season. I've enjoyed presiding over

     low key weddings that leave everyone on a high note.

    "To be natural "as John O'Donohue says, "is to be holy.  I'm loving the authenticity of the couples who seek my services for weddings and later for baby blessings. So what is this quality of being authentic? I see it in my couples who talk to me not only about their wedding but their hopes for a contented married life.

    As for me I hope I am congruent and authentic in my approach to presiding over weddings. I can authentically claim to be both rustic and vintage- more and more so with each passing year. With great gratitude I come from a place of contentment after 27 years of marriage. When I get impatient with my husband he reminds me of my own words of wedding wisdom. And to be totally honest somedays I think about what I gave my word to 27 years ago. Giving your word to each other is the heart and soul of a ceremony. As Wendell Berry reminds us. "The meaning of marriage begins with the giving of our word...."

     So stay true to yourself and to one another. Allow yourself to be content and grateful as I am to all of you for making 2015 such a wonderful wedding season. 

                                    Remember: Don't Worry. Be Married and

                                                       THANK YOU

    Photos of Bryan and Allison at Borsari Gallery in Dennis

    photography by Stop Go Love http://www.stopgolove.net


    A Smooth Sailing Couple Wed at Breakwater Beach- Dan and Katie 

    Katie and her bridesmaids- All photography by Paul Blackmore Photography

    Bless these rings and the two that now wear them.


    Love and life and ladybug blessings. A vow to stay sweet as well as salty. True smooth sailing partners in life love and now marriage.


    This Cape Cod Wedding Minister/Officiant/Celebrant 

    presided over the last ceremony for this season. This sweet ending took place at Borsari Gallery as Allison and Bryan embarked on their beautiful beginning as husband and wife. As they said their vows "the sun shined warm upon" their faces and "pure were the joys surrounding" them. (from An Irish Blessing read by their Uncle Neil)

     Bryan and Allison- as husband and wife.

                   The sacred threshold welcomes Allison and Bryan into the Country of Marriage

     Liz and Pat are pictured in an engagement photo. My son was their best man as they wed in October with Grace Ceremonies presiding. Another dear and sincere couple.

              Pat and Liz Engagement       http://www.loveandperry.co


    Michael and Marie another Autumn wedding at Borsari Gallery in Dennis on Cape Cod- Rebecca Arthur Photography

    All ceremonies contain endings in order to allow for beginnings. The autumn season with its necessary endings so brilliantly on display highlights this emotional mix.

    Presiding over my Goddaughter's wedding in Indiana brought this to mind. Choosing the one to whom you pledge your lifetime is a defining act of adulthood. For parents this is always a semi-sweet moment: a true rite of passage.

    Helene DeLone, now Helene Hetrick, says it all in this photo taken in the loft of the beautiful barn where she and Zach wed. Welcome to the Country of Marrriage!


    As John O'Donohue puts it in Blessing for Marriage

    As kindly as moonlight might search the dark, 

    So gentle may you be when light grows scarce.


    And Wendell Berry answers from The Country of Marriage:

    and the dark more blessed than the light 

    as long as we stay brave enough to keep going in.


     As light grows scarce and the autumn leaves fall; as we 'cozy in' for the winter

    may all of you who have said "I do" in 2015, savor being home, as well as, coming

    home to each other.

    Don't worry. Be married!



    Rev. Kathleen Geagan

    Soulful Wedding Ceremonies





    Cozy Autumn Wedding on Cape Cod and Beyond

    September went by in a swirl of weddings and soon the autumn equinox was upon us. Such stirring times so rich with color and cozy delight. I traveled to Indiana to preside over my God daughter's wedding and tomorrow I travel to Connecticut for a Baby Blessing. Wow what a joy...a bounty of blessings.


    This Cape Cod Wedding minister/officiant reflects on Anticipation: The Groom

    August is all about a sense of urgency and anticipation. Cape Cod is at full capacity as we reach mid -August. Everyone is eager to get their last huge dose of summer anticipating the onset of September and the beginning of the school year.

    Last evening I presided over a wedding at Chatham Bars Inn . I don't have any photos yet but I am still on a high from the love I felt between this couple and their families. Love truly does transform everyone it touches!

    Jeff and Lacy, the wedding party and many of the guests were from Austin,Texas. They were a great fun- loving crowd.The groomsmen including the groom's brother as best men, were trying in every way to keep the groom calm and happy as we waited. Kate, from CBI helped pin on the boutineirres made from a beautiful spray of blue thistle. I had the honor of helping with this ritual as well. I pinned the step-father and father who were waiting to walk the bride down the aisle after her grand entrance down those white steps from Shore Rd to the Boathouse. 

    Here are some photos of groom and groomsmen. What a blast I had with Pavel and his brother and groomsmen before he wed his beautiful bride Anna on Summer Solstice at the The Cultural Center of Cape Cod.

    The photos above are by Andrew Cavanaugh Photography

    The photo below was an expectedly tender one as Sarah and Josh exchanged vows

     As the officiant I get to spend time waiting with the groom and his groomsmen right before the ceeremony. The myriad of ways the groomsmen attempt to ease the groom's jitters is always so dear and often amusing. I keep my counsel and distance but I do love those moments of anticipation.

    Another great moment I shared with a groom and his men was at a wedding last month at beautiful Borsari Gallery in Dennis. We were waiting in the wine cellar and the groom was worried about his hands swelling and the ring not fitting. I showed him a stretching exercise and Bob Borsari and the best man immediately said,  "Jazz Hands."  So here is a pre-marital tip: Do "Jazz Hands" as you wait for the ceremony to begin and the ring slips right on the finger.

    Watching the groom's face as his bride appears is also pure delight. Even if they have seen each other before at first look, there is that moment of her being escorted to him that speaks to an ancient and timeless rite of passage.

    Every beginning contains an ending and every ending gives way to another beginning. So too with a wedding ceremony. So I encourage my couples to allow those feelings of anticipation to be. Yes, this sweet anticipation can feel like anxiety and of course there is that. No matter how many times we have run through the ceremony it doesn't really take. Let your self be presided over.

    When I stopped in to check in on the bride she had just one question

    "You will be telling me everything I need to do once I get up there ,won't you?"

    "Yes, I will."  You could see the anxiety melt into sweet anticipation as she turned to have her photo taken holding up the shoes she was about to put on.  

    "Yes, I will." I repeated as I crept off to hang with the groom and tell him exactly the same thing, more than once, in between group groomsmen hugs and a variety of other rituals. 

    I have the groom's grandfather to thank for this referral and it was a pure pleasure to preside. Happy August YOU-LL

    and don't worry- be married!